President's Message

We are at the beginning of a new fiscal year and off to a strong start with a very impressive Board of Directors (BOD).  Before I introduce our new BOD, I wish to take this opportunity to offer a special thanks to all of those that served on the BOD last year.  We had an outstanding year, especially in our educational offerings.  Our BOD membership this year is as follows:

Steve McKay, President
Cristie Capps, Director C-Bar
David Sims, Secretary
George Clisch, VP Education
glen Fullerton, VP Operations
Howard Hamilton, VP Membership
Jennifer Carlson, Director Operations
John Hamil, Director of Marketing
Lorie Groom, Treasurer
Mike Milsoevich, Director of Membership
Paloma Leonato, VP Marketing
Paul Hawthorne, Board Advisor
Sonia Leach, Student Activities

Please offer a warm welcome to your new BOD members, and provide them your full support.

Are you interested in 3D printing? Watching it work? What it can do for you? Then join us at our PDM on September 4 to see Doug Lueckemeyer demonstrate a 3D printer in full action! Door prizes will include actual product prototypes produced from a 3D printer.

Can you think of something that you would like to see printed in 3D? Bring your ideas with you to the PDM and share with the rest of us.

Looking forward to seeing you in September and having some fun!

Steve McKay


Frequent Chapter Programs

Development Meetings

Professional Development Meetings are typically held monthly.  Local, regional and national speakers are featured presenting assorted topics of interest to today's operations professionals.
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Seminars & Workshops

Time too tight for extended classes?  Attend a part or full day seminar to pickup new knowledge  on areas of interest to you and your company.  Seminars & Workshops are held periodically on topics of Operations Management and Production and Inventory Control.
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Plant Tours

Our plant tours feature leading companies from across our region and provide the opportunity to learn by seeing how theory is put into practice.  They also provide benchmarking opportunities and foster the sharing of best practices and professional networking.
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In-House Courses

We offer on-site training in a variety of formats.
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Registration & Payment

Advance registration and payment is accepted online via our Calendar.  Major charge cards are accepted with online receipts provided.  Advanced registration & Membership discounts are available.
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Since 1973, the CPIM program has educated more than 75,000 manufacturing professionals on essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related to demand management, procurement and supplier planning, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, performance measurements, supplier relationships, quality control, and continuous improvement.
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The Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is a new industry educational and certification program created to meet the rapidly changing needs of the supply chain management field.

The CSCP program takes a broad view of the field, extending beyond internal operations to encompass all the steps throughout the supply chain—from the supplier, through the company, to the end consumer—and provides you with the knowledge to effectively manage the integration of these activities to maximize a company's value chain. Read More.

Sponsor Recognition

We would like to give a special "Thank You!" to the sponsors of our monthly Professional Development Meetings: 

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a Professional Development Meeting, please contact the Chapter President at:

Sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • A table to display and distribute literature
  • Speical recognition during PDM announcements